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Honey Lips, Honey

Sticky Situations

Photo by Danika Perkinson on Unsplash

The sticky honey was still all over my lips.

I licked it off slowly absentmindedly

thinking about you

when you walked by

and my stomach dropped

as if you would know

just by looking at me

what I was thinking

in my head

while I slowly licked honey off my lips.

As if you could look at me

and know

where I was imagining

your hands

and how often I thought

about them being there.

It wouldn't be appropriate

for the setting

we found ourselves in

even with the seductive licking

my tongue was doing.

You smiled

and said hey Emma

and I replied

with an all too enthusiastic


Still thinking about

where I wanted your hands.

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Emma Bradley
Emma Bradley

I graduated from The University of Maine at Farmington, with a degree in creative writing. Born and raised in Maine but also a British citizen. 

My personal blog is at https://ebpidden.wixsite.com/pipusmag

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Honey Lips, Honey
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