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Homo Sapien Examines Himself

November ‘18

- Percy Bysshe Shelley 

I bring rage and bitterness in equal measure

From the weighty past, dragging me back

Every thought, every image, every memory

Springing unbidden from the wellspring of imagination

Tinting the glass in front of me with deep red

Peering out into the misted horizon stained

With burgundy uncertainty

I bring sadness, a wound freshly scabbed

Stinging and clawing at the wind

Daring to dream of the day when

Without loving salve and curious fingers

It shuts its door.

The mark of its life hidden deep

No chiseled mountains of pain remain

But life will not creep back in darkness

This black spot is what we’re looking for

It lives forever unnamed

But never forgotten.

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Homo Sapien Examines Himself
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