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A Poem

Peculiar cough.

Recurring affliction,

firm in the fire

of an uncertain homestead.

This obstacle, an ache,

of never winning familiarity here:

In the dates of trial and unknown,

I happened upon you,

inappropriately straying

from your own fireside turf.

Perhaps you needed a compass.

Imaginably you needed me.

Reasonably I needed you.

Gentle curve of fingernails,

The ones that welcomely

scored the rough of a soul in awe.

Charming, with lips of a siren, advising:

The essence of reality was plainly existing,


As it may be,

we needed each other.

Handsome sprouts of hair,

aloft untiring shakes of a heart in slumber,

pledged to cradle senseless bêtes noires

until consigned to erasure.

A velvety savor of closeness,

A dreamscape that exiled specters of malice

And the thorny restraints of being.

Relinquish arbitrary doubts,

a departure from unease,

solidified by the round of a foot snug to mine.

Mouths, nourished by the vigor of thirst,

Breathed scorching remedies into one another.

Fervent kisses mopped away the scars

from another life.

Treatment from a now forgotten

bedside companion.

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Maison Ray
Maison Ray

Denver-based writer. Previously in New York to attend Pratt Institute and develop his artistry. With a self-described “violently pensive exploration of the lucid,” Maison tries to invoke an ethereal relation to the world through his work.

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