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Walking through life, we lose pieces of our authentic self and pick up parts which do not truly represent our core being. This is a homecoming of all those pieces which are irrevocably you, through time.

Call every ounce of your power back to you.

Hear the echoes of ancestral flesh and bone,

their wisdoms, their pains and their stories,

as they course through your blood -

a colour as rich as your zest for life.

Command that all their residual learnings,

rooted deep in your marrows

be raised to your skin's surface.

Wear them with pride,

those age-old secrets

tattoed upon your body

in golden ink.


that the moments spent 

in doubt, angst and uncertainty

which escaped you like a running water

be transformed into a sticky, sweet nectar

that be returned to you


quenching your thirst

for belonging.

Make it known

that you will not be


into mediocrity

you will not be


into complacency

you have a voice

that reverberates

and you are hungry to

make a difference,

the kind of hunger that

is not satiated 'til

your soul's exact intentions 

have been reached.

Call back all the pieces

of your authentic self,

now permanently

attached to your

magnetic core.

May you never again

be separated from that

which is wholly you.

Let out your deepest screams 

from the top of that mountain

which bears your name,

you are greatness,

you are victory,

you are power,

and you are,


 all back home. 

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