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My Attempt at Starting Writing Again...

Its been a long time since I’ve written anything, and it's slightly terrifying, but I’m glad to be trying again. 


I ponder the sun as its climbing

At the life that it gives to the day

To rise and to fall without failing

Beginning and ending the same

I feel the world tugging and pulling

Threads holding me hostage like chains

Separate, but still apart of

The day and its mocking regime

The sun seems unable to reach here

Though I see it as night turns to day

There’s a darkness It can’t seem to breach

A small world made of memories and hate

But my world I have filled it with colours

Glimpses of days bright and strange

The gloom has small rays of sunlight

In the darkness I’ve grown to embrace

As the light fades I wonder at my world

Is this something I chose to create?

A place where the light cannot reach me

Held apart from the trials and the pain

I ponder the sun as its setting

Its life shining far from my face

It will rise and will fall without failing

Beginning and end held in place 


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