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Holy Water

Chloe Walks Into a Church

I walk into church, touch the holy water with my

Fingertips, make the sign of the cross on my

Forehead, and all I can think about is


I desperately concentrate on the red, flickering flame,

From the candle above my head.

I try to exorcise this temptation from my mind.

Damn you demon!

You look at me with those eyes, and to my great

Surprise I now realize I was kidding myself.

I thought I wasn’t tempted by your

Bare chest, that night, when all you wore was a towel,

And a wide smile.

I realize, I want, yes, I desire, to sleep on your bed, and

Awaken to two big glasses of wine, staring back at me

Full of secrets, that they

Will never spill.

I must have drank that wine last night, but now I am

Chasing it with horror.

It was just a fluke, surely, it couldn’t be true.

What will my boss think, what will Dan think?

Trixie—how can I explain to her that Chloe is also

A stripers’ name??

I walk out as fast as possible, to the unavoidable future.

An enigmatic future. A future with Lucifer?

Surely I must have broken some commandment;

The one that says if you are drunk, don’t fall asleep on

His lap!

Surely my penance cannot involve a good shag!!

And what about Lucifer’s dad?

What if Trixie will soon have a brother or sister?

I was desperately rejected by Dan.

Over text.

Did Lucifer take advantage of that?

Oh, no, I don’t love Lucy!!

I can’t stand the thought of Maze being Trixie’s auntie.

Oh, God, what do I do now?

Should I pray the Rosary?

Lucifer won’t get the best of me!

I leave the church and walk outside.

I sit on a bench, a Lady Bug flies up high.

How high did I go last night?

His bed was soft.

For a moment, I smiled in pure delight.

But then I thought, ‘I need to act aloof’

So, I put on a good how, and walked out

The door.

Lux will never be the same again.

It has become the den of lust.

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Maria Ayala
Maria Ayala

I started writing poetry at age 12.  I am from San Diego, California.  My birthday is on May 30th. Please contribute to my blog.  I also create videos for the Tom Ellis Fan Page on facebook.  Looking forward to watching Lucifer on Netflix!!

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Holy Water
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