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Him: Her

Sad Text Story

Him: I'm not worth saving

Her: Don't say that...

Him: We can't hide from the truth forever.

Her: Ok you know what yes you have made some

real shit mistakes and your some of actions

have been immature and idiotic but you don’t

deserve to be depressed or angry all the time,

you may not think that you deserve to be happy

or you think you don’t deserve someone who would

actually love you and not hurt you, well you’re

wrong about so much @#%*&@ you deserve so much more

than you think you do, and I mean it. When I found

out you tried to kill yourself I couldn’t even think

of anything else except you and how mad at you I was

but at the same time I was so happy that you were still

alive, I don’t think I could have lived with myself knowing

that I lost someone who means more to me than anything, and

I was started thinking that if you died I never got the

chance to tell you how I felt..

Him: ...

Her: But you have no idea how much I actually love and care about you

and you are right I can’t save you but I want to be

someone or something that makes you happy.


Him: Why are you wearing black? you're not an emo..

Her: I can wear whatever I want, don't judge me.


Him: Hey..

Him: I'm sorry for Basically bullying you this morning.

I shouldn't have done that, You don't deserve to go through such things.

Her: I don't care, I'm used to it; I just stopped caring..

Him: You shouldn't be used to it..


Him: [email protected]&?

Her: OMG I said I don't care. Treat me however you want,

use me, hurt me, bully me, I don't care.

Him: I don't want to [email protected]&

Him: Why can't you see this?

Him: I Don't want to hurt you, use you, or bully you

Him: Gosh if only you f##king knew how much

you actually meant to me, you'd be really surprised.

Her: (read/seen messages)

Him: Fuck

Him: shit..

Him: Treat you however I want? Fine then,

I'll treat you as you deserve to be treated,

(as to me I believe it's like) A F##king Queen.

Him: Just ......... I want to talk to you at lunch.

Him: No more hiding it

Him: Fucking hell..

Him: [email protected]&... I just.... Aagh f##k morals.

Him: No, I want to tell you this in person, to your face.

..A few more agonizing days later..

Him: You say your heart is nothing but dust. Here,

have mine, don't worry; I'll be fine. It may not be much,

but you'll have it all in time.

Don't worry, really, I'll be fine.

So please take your time. Let me

take your hand in mine, and I promise;

I'll survive. As long as I have you by my side.

Her: *Blushes and smiles, {so beautifully, If I might add}*

Him: *angrily shoves my head into my pillow*

Her: *puts a hand on his shoulder*

Him: ... If you accept who I am ... and how I feel..

..Take my hand, I'll hold yours.

I know you have trust issues.

Just don't leave, 'Cause you'll know I'll miss you.

Just... please, take my hand. We'll be alright

I'll hold you tight, with all my might...

Him: *Pushes my head into a pillow and leaves my hand behind my back, open and shaking



Him: hey

Her: sup

Him: um.. what are we?

Her: Nothing, we can't be anything and we won't ever be anything.

Him: .....I ....I understand...

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Him: Her
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