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Love lies.

You took so much from me

In such a short amount of time.

I was comfortably numb. 


Blissful anesthesia to loves pain. 

Then you came along and breathed into me, made me feel, only to break me down again. 

Was it fun? 

Did you enjoy it? 

I hope so.

for you, at least. 

Because, once I love you, all I want is the best for you. 

In spite of me. 

That's how my brain works. 

That's how my heart works. 

Always for others. 

I hope it made you happy to destroy me. 

I hope you keep the piece of my heart you stole sacred.

For it is yours and a piece of me is lost. 

All because you decided to play games. 

Wicked games.

Not hopscotch or jump rope or Chutes and Ladders. 

The evil game of love. 

Which, in turn, results in the game of lies. 

Love lies.

Love lies cold. 

Love lies dead. 

An empty shell. 

Thank you.

I hope you're happy. 


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