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Hiding Behind the Eyes of the Sun

A Look Behind the Bright Ball of Light

Photograph by: Aleksander Solberg

Orange streams flowing to the right

red-orange streams to the left nice and bright

a little bit of white to blend into the shadows becoming night

the yellow portrait of the woman holding the light

man of fire holds every sound to cover the sight

bubbles like small domes pushing through with all their might

smashing into the green scene with a fight

several smaller bubbles now in flight

hiding behind the eyes of the sun keeps everything in the lens of the searchlight.

Drips of orange fall to a stop like a painted hand waiting for a candle to ignite

splashes of red-orange in the air like being given a very startling fright

the dimmed line of white and blue creating a wave of sound to paralyze the night

a swirling circle of evidence to show the once daylight

waiting for the author to write

stories of solitude in the shadows behind the eyes of the sunlight

drinking my sprite

watching the world while flying my dented red diamond shaped kite

a mirrored large world hiding behind the eyes of the sun.

The large wall of bright white surrounding light is missing a bite

changing over to the darker shaded time with everyone bringing out the flashlights

burning fires in the dark at the campsites

wasting no time taking in the view filled with delight

roasting marshmallows for the nightly highlight

voices carrying peaceful melodies to match the moonlight

snakes slithering quietly by without giving any person a snakebite

everyone sitting upright

eyes glued to the painted blanket of colors racing around tonight

the canvas sitting untouched with the painted candlelight

building materials placed next to the closest building site

all these things can be seen like watching on a movie screen from behind the eyes of the sunlight.

There are no enemies when hiding behind the eyes of the sun

many days pass full of new things to see creating an imagination filled game of fun

full of lots of space to grow and run

hiding behind the eyes of the sun

a place where the breeze is always warm with each day

a place where the world shines differently out of a book of a made up play

growing statues made of colors without clay

hiding behind the eyes of the sun on such a calming day.

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Hiding Behind the Eyes of the Sun
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