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Hidden Routes

Nothing could repair her.

Her skin was like a map

So much to see, to discover.

She had hidden routes

Lines crossing each other's paths.

Every road tells a different story.

She was beautiful, but damaged.

She was worn and torn by those who did not appreciate what she did for them.

When you looked at how torn she was you could see the story creasing in the paper

Every tear, every rip had its own story

Nothing could repair her

No amount of tape could piece her back together.

She had made some tears of her own

Jagged lines crossing the routes

Trying to take control of the stories

She was beautiful, but damaged.

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Kailey Lynn
Kailey Lynn

Kailey, a small and unnoticeable ant in a field of lions. Her life is like riding the never ending merry go round with pictures and videos playing of everything bad that's ever happened, memories plastered on the walls for everyone to see. 

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Hidden Routes
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