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Hey You...

I see you!

Hey you,

Yeah you with the heavy heart

The one carrying the world on your shoulders

I know you're familiar with my tone because it's at the same frequency as yours

You think your soul is withered because it's been here before

Your mind is racing and even though it's familiar it all feels new

You think you're crazy but you know you're right

Being wrong is out your character and you would rather embarrass yourself then walk blindly another moment

Perhaps you blame yourself for things you know are out of your control

You're probably alone but everyone you ever loved is on your mind and in your heart.

You can't sleep because you're looking for the solution and the answer is so close but always found with another question

Your words are poetic and sound like something from a song

You're not led by your conscious because it is led by your empathy

You want to be good and do good but you rarely feel good

Enough is never enough

Your heart is on your sleeve and forgiveness comes without question

I just wanted you to know that I see you

You're not alone

Roger Anderson
Roger Anderson

My name is Roger Dale Anderson Jr I'm a Gemini born in 1982 I love music and poetry, I like to write and take photos. I spend a lot of time on the beach and in my head. I enjoy my misery, guess I'm glutton for punishment.

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Hey You...
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