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Hey Puppet

Take Her by the Hand

She was at peace in her soul

The songs she sang made the heavens angels harken to her every call

The sun set below the earth gratifying every inch of the soil it touched

The earth grew cold bringing forth fires and hearths

Excited and determined to love through the chilled nights to come

She saw him standing alone and thought he could take her by the hand

Hold me tight love me right he said

Kiss me slowly

I would skip through fire to you if only you needed me he cried

Sing for me one last melody

A song so warm your soul escapes as musical notes of eloquently flowing fire

He held on to every torched note

Dangling like a puppet on a string

Only her touch and voices enchantment could move him into a dance

Angels guardians and such shielding their openness from the newly free spirits they had become as one 

Behold the tastes of freedoms wonderous wonderland©

Sharita €ormier 

"Hey Puppet"

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Hey Puppet
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