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Waiting on My Superman

Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

My husband was once my hero.

He saved me more times then he'll ever know.

It first started with a simple hello.

A hello that saved me not just once, but several times.

Leaving me to be grateful for his social butterfly persona.

He was a butterfly dancing among the flowers which saved me more than once from feeling alone and bored at his aunt's family gatherings.

Years later my beautiful hero saved me from feeling alone and depressed.

His smile brought joy and smiles to my plain ol' life.

He could do so just by fixing the plumbing to my home.

My hero then saved me the day he said he loved me, and wanted me to be his wife.

Today I ask myself where did he go, what went wrong?

My hero no longer smiles at me, he no longer tries to make me smile.

He won't even save our roof.

My hero rather spend his time saving local addicts verses his own wife.

Drug addiction and gambling took him away.

Now I am an old worn out whicker chair waiting for his return, waiting to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with him.

Only he won't even look at me without judgment or accusations.

I'm all out of options, don't know what else to do.

Even all out of prayers and voodoo.

Someone please tell me what can I do?

For I can no longer bare to watch my hero destroy himself.

For I can no longer bare for him to destroy me.

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