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Her Nightmare

A Poem

Her Nightmare

They always say “you'll be fine,

You'll move on, it just takes time”

But why does his name still haunt my mind?

He was a nightmare, a bloody mess,

With him I never got rest,

But in the end I look back and see,

He always meant the world to me, 

Our love was painful,

But it was beautiful.

They always say “there’s plenty others,

You'll find the one, just look harder,”

But I don't believe that they can see

The spell he has cast upon me, upon me.

He was a nightmare, a bloody mess,

His smile breathless, his eyes a wreck,

His heart was pure, his hands were tied

My love for him, I cannot lie

Others I do not need, 'cause every day

I look back and see,

He always meant the world to me.

Our love was too much, he left me so,

I still can’t just let it go.

They tell me, “You should hate him!”

But I could never blame him,

For the blame is all mine.

Hopefully I’ll accept it in time.

He was my nightmare,

He will always be mine. 

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Her Nightmare
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