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Their Pre-inquisition

She was a borderline fanatic searching for the smallest of details, that seemed to but warm her heart.

A relentless girl longing to find a way of keeping alive, as everyday she grasped tighter and tighter to that leash of what it was to live beyond her own mundane and repetitive schedule.

That sense of feeling trapped within herself, the once mighty beacon of creativity.

Yet now she but exists, extremely volatile

–on the brink of losing sanity.

You see a restless soul, is a soul who cannot fulfill the dormant essence of their vision.

You sway but a little and find yourself on a threshold of self-destruction.

However, give to her an ounce of passion and a will to live beyond existing,

and she will kindle the greatest of magic that will awaken ALL that cross her untraveled road to soulful climes.

An interception of paths was brewing amidst her journey...

•Fatima Elmusbahi• 

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