Fyza Garasia
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Heartbroken in Love

Mend Our Broken Heart, While I Broke Mine in the Process

Full credit of this picture goes to its rightful owner. 

I fell in love with your broken soul,

mended it till it became a whole.

Encouraged you every step of the way.

But who knew that in between mending yours, mine would break...

I watched you to flirt, hold hands, be happy and act like I wasn't there, watching.

I fell hard, hard in love, while I watched you fall for her. 

Forgetting that I was even there, secretly watching.

But it's not your fault, you didn't know who I was. 

You didn't know I was the secret admire behind those notes, encouraging you on to make a move...

But now that you have, I'm just a secret admirer, a secret admirer heartbroken in love.

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Heartbroken in Love
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