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A Poem

You left me angry crying hurt and pain in my heart.

You choose to leave me alone to deal with all this alone.

I can't think,eat or sleep cause heartbroken

I wonder if I disappear would anyone notice that I was gone.

I wonder if good or bad to feel so invisible.

Depressing is so real.

You never know what a person might be dealing with on daily.

The tough things to do is smile through so much pain.

When you feel so alone, empty and broken.

My heart feels so cold and lonely.

Fragile emotions yet, I feel so ready to break.

I feel like my heart been shattered in million pieces.

My body feel like it been torn into two.

So lost and alone in this dark world.

I try to do hard to smile through the pain.

The most difficult thing to do hurt with physical pain and try to push through mentally.

I feel like I have been wash up hung on the beach to dry up from humid in the air.

Suffocate try to catch my breath in the air.

Undecided about my next move.

Soft and smooth but delicate when you touch.

My silent is my plead and cry to world.

Rain drop softly down my cheeks.

Flowing like rainstorm drop into the ground.

I ask god why me but no reply

My answer come when I look into the sky.

Sometime fear not option you just got dive in.

It better to love than to not love at all.

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