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Short Poems

It’s all over now

And just like that- all the love songs became memories.

All the good times?

That’s all they were- good times.

Every kiss, hug or touch of affection- all false advertisement.

You’re a lier.

And that right there makes me angry.

Angry enough to destroy what you once loved- my body.

Skip lunch here, purge dinner there.

Thanks to you that’s all I know.

Maybe if I were prettier, skinnier, had a bigger chest and longer hair you would have stayed.

With me at least.

Not with some blonde bitch.

But it’s over now.

Live and move on I guess.

I’m more than some brown eyed, brown hair, Sperry wearing rich kid.

I deserve love.

Real heart-longing love.

Not the fake all-I-want-is-sex-love.

I will find it.

Not from you, but someone lovely.


When I first laid eyes on you, I knew we’d be seeing a lot of each other.

Our long summer days were spent blissfully lying in the sun, soaking in the rays.

Long talks about nothing in particular on the roof.

Cute dates to the local coffee shop.

And my favorite, babysitting your 2 year old sister together.

We were like a family, you and me.

I thought it’d be longer than 1 summer.

But then things changed.

My meals got smaller.

I got skinnier.

My blades got sharper.

My cuts got deeper.

I got quieter.

Your texts- shorter.

Friends no more

2 a.m. text messages

late night trips to the movies

long walks

and riding boards

stick-poke tattoos

ice cream sundaes

and coca-cola with rum

never again- with you at least

these simple teenage symbols won’t be that anymore

they're memories

memories that won’t be

you drug the blade across my wrist

you stabbed the knife in my back

i thought we’d be friends until the end

i got help…now it’s your turn

i told

oh how i told

it’s your own fault

you led me to do it

my mother asked why i was bleeding

so i told her you were holding the razor

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Michaela Switzer
Michaela Switzer

Hey everyone! I'm an aspiring writer and am studying to become a psychologist. I'm diagnosed with anorexia purge type, depression and anxiety. I hope to be able to share experiences with you and hopefully help those who are struggling.

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