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Heart Worth Breaking

There's always one.

Beauty and the Beast

Always wanting more,

never satisfied until she had all she could.

No one ever stopped her,

though they all knew that they should.

She reached out to take something that wasn’t hers.

He reached out, too, overstepping her limits.

She didn’t care, didn’t want to go back;

If he asked, she’d definitely let him hit it.

And he did...and they did the unthinkable.

But she was happy and so it never crossed her mind,

that the one he belonged to, would ever not let it slide.

And she didn’t let it go.

She swore to never forgive her, or at least

everyone thinks so.

To her, it was worth it, but then her senses became clear.

“He doesn’t love me at all,”

and her heart was seared.

How could she be so selfish and naive.

Anything he said, she eagerly had believed.

Now her heart’s broken, but rightfully so.

She ruined a friendship and pretended not to know.

If it takes a broken heart to help her stay in place.

Someone should have done it sooner, or told her she was wrong to her face.

She can’t relax, she’s on eggshells to say the very least.

However, it keeps her alert and somewhat in one piece.

But now we know, that she’ll never do it again.

So breaking her heart was all worth it, in the end.

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Heart Worth Breaking
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