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Heart Still Beating

In a Broken World

A Thousand knives in her back

An excruciating pain to feel

A Thousand different ways to attack

But she chose to heal

A heart still beating

Contrived of sorrow

A past that'd be defeating

but she lives for tomorrow

Taking her pain

As a tool to help others defend

her loss is others gain

A selfless act that transcend

her escape

from a broken past

Is letting in from behind the drape

For others to see and feel at last

it aint easy

its all a balancing act

it can make anyone queasy

its her unquestionable life pact

Cause she wont let others fall

in an oh so familiar hole

If they do shes always there to call

to help fill the void and make things whole

Whether its her fast calm words

or her passionately gut wrenching vocals

for anyone to listen and be heard

either far or local

To love unconditionally 

To anyone

Embracing unfathomably

Til a no one

Feels like someone

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Heart Still Beating
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