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Heart of an Old Lady

A Cheering Up Poem

Eventide: A Scene at the Westminster Union - Sir Hubert von Herkomer 

Heart of an old lady

At heart I'm an old lady;

I relish hot coffee and cosy up,

Watching my shows on a winter's evening.

I'm bright and proud to hear my family succeeding.

Hats please me so much,

Afternoon tea is civilised enough to make me smile,

And one might try it out for a while.

I read and discuss books.

At heart I'm an old lady.

Love to hear people's stories,

Makes me sad when the bourbons are all gone,

Passion is poetry and acting Hun.

I try to stay in touch with my friends,

Lovely bunch,

I also love the feeling of solitude,

One extra minute of putting my hands over my eyes, and having darkness is enough.

Any opportunity to give pet names I take,

And people may think in my sake, I have the heart of an old lady.

At heart I'm an old lady,

All cosy,

Can talk or silence for hours me,

Maybe it's a start to life, having the heart of an old lady.

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Heart of an Old Lady
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