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Healing Ain't Easy

When an object punctures your skin, it takes some time to heal, and you'll feel it. When an intangible object punctures your spirit, it take some time to heal, and you'll hear it!

Snake Creek Cemetery

“Going through a healing ain't easy. So many suppressed emotions, unwanted feelings, heavy heart, heavy breathing, fearing the anxiety will take me over. Feel like I'm going insane and off my game. I know it's a mental spirit warfare inside. Wanting to identify the troubles that still haunt me. Can't meditate it away. Wanting to just give up to my lower nature, I know I'll find the answer. Healing ain't easy I want it to hurry and pass. So many thoughts wondering what it could be; refusing to take any substance to just face it head on. If my individuality is gonna break I accept the power struggle over my fate... Healing ain't easy.”

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Trai Hawthorne
Trai Hawthorne

Me name be Trai. 

Content ranging from poetry; to short-stories, blogging, etc. Click around & browse! I like to write for the creative thrill & expression! I'm on the verge of something! Content! Creativity! All that sh*t


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Healing Ain't Easy
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