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He Held Time in His Own Hand

A Poem

He held time in his own hand,

swinging by a thin chain, all seemed unplanned.

The shock when he found out his lot, 

down in the pit of his stomach he felt a knot. 

"I'm too old and far too feeble to hold time," he said,

"in just a short while I will most likely be dead!" 

"There must be someone else who is far more able, 

and far more agile and ready and capable." 

He looked all around and had quite a fright, 

when he saw there was not a soul around that night. 

Time was in his hands and the seriousness of the job took hold, 

even though this scary job he wished he could have sold. 

So there time was swinging quite delicately, 

in the hand of an old man indefinitely.   

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He Held Time in His Own Hand
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