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He Gave Me Flowers 💐

A poem of a tragic love.

Y’allThe rose that grew, got picked .

Beautiful day.

The wind blows, the trees sway.

He gave me flowers, and oh such a wonderful way...

To say “I love you.” To say you cared, to show me that you’ll always be there. 

... Until you're not.

Rainy day. 

Clouds in the sky so dark and grey,

Blue skies of yesterday are you truly gone to stay?

Lately the only color I’ve seen is the blue and black on my face.

Yet he came home, and gave me flowers today.

So in that moment I thought I’d stay.

Cause again what a wonderful way.

Days and weeks

Months and years.

Where have those blue skies gone?

Late nights He won’t answer the phone.

Still I cook, I clean, I tend to our home.

Does he truly love me or am I just being abused and beat on?

The morning came, and again.

He gave me flowers today.

Date night to cover up, almost ready ONE second.

I need more make up.

A night to remember a life to cherish, he hit me again and that’s the last I remembered.

My children brought me flowers today.

I just wish I could reach out and wipe their tears away.

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He Gave Me Flowers 💐
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