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Have You Ever…


Have you ever imagined

what illustrates our thoughts,

our sudden burst of colors,

things we’ve never seen,

places we’ve never been

feel remodeled in our dream,

so vivid, like we’ve traveled

through space and time.

Five minutes are five hours,

even time is confused at your might.

There’s no mind like ours

and you underestimate how bright it is…

Sometimes we feel special but don’t…

But there’s something that cannot be repressed.

Something so magical with no boundaries,

no form, beyond physical… true nature,

like there’s something that keep us from being equal,

in a good way, unique thoughts for someone unique!

Have you ever felt a chill in your spine,

like something’s coming down the line?

It’s calm, you just have to match the breathing,

welcome it… enjoy the feeling.

And I know it’s scary

such a bright new sight

I know you’re scared,

but you’re also right…

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Have You Ever…
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