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Hate vs. Love

A Hope

Peace of Mind, Body, and Soul

Judging is easy,

Comparing is easy,

Rating is easy,

Shaking is easy,

Breaking is easy,

Knocking down is easy,

Hurting is easy,

All the decisions on your life are situational,

And in any affair of circumstances,

Be it your love life,

Be it your married life,

Be it your social life,

Be it your professional life,


Heart tells you to think emotionally,

Mind tells you to this Chaotically,

But it's the BALANCE that YOU have to establish,


LIFE is a roller-coaster,

Don't run from problems,

Face them direct on the head,

Keep challenging yourselfevery dayy,

Be strong no matter what,

All individuals should step ahead towards the attainment of a common goal of humanity,

Irrespective of your circumstances,

Stop fooling yourself emotionally,

Look in the mirror and say to yourself you will never loose hope,

Understanding the situation of others by being in their shoes is most difficult.

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Hate vs. Love
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