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'Hard Feelings/Loveless'

By Lorde

"Hard Feeling/Loveless" Audio by Lorde

one song

so many memories


I feel such a connection

to you

more than ever

in this very moment.

it is May 10th, 2018.

I am here

but am I, really?

I am here

in my apartment.


my parents are here but

I am alone.

and I love it.





needs to be spent


according to your own feeelings

and others as well

but you;

you come first.




I saw you

in Connecticut

April 7th, 2018.

I listen to this song

and I am taken back.

I can see it so clearly.

in my mind.

if I channel my energy

and close my eyes.

there I am

Row 16 

I believe

my mom and I

so happy


in awe.

of you.

Thank you.

You are one of my greatest inspirations.

One day. to perform on that stage.

on any stage. for anyone. who resonates with what I am saying. or trying to say.

I hope this makes sense.

to someone.

Lorde. what a concept. an amazing being.

Your show.

It inspired me.

You continue to inspire me

I want to meet you

I know I would cry but

then I would be happy tears.

Tears of joy.

were what I felt when I first saw you come out onto that stage

at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Amazement.

I am in awe of you because

of who you are as a human being

how you have managed

with all of the outside forces

trying to creep in

to still be your true,

authentic self.

how much you appreciate your fans

please, never let it get to your head

you are loved

so much

by all of your fans



one of your biggest fans

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'Hard Feelings/Loveless'
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