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Happy Realizations

Staring at a Picture of You

Photo via Tumblr.com

Staring at a picture of you

How did you get so beautiful?

I know you hate this one, but I love it

Cause I start to reminisce

Back to the very beginning,

My mind begins to drift.

Floating away on cloudy days

When you and I aren’t the old us

But everyone can tell,

There’s something going on

“I see her heads up in the sky

Once again she’s dreamin'

Talkin' to that crystal ball and wishin'

Life could stay a certain way.”

I just ignore their words

They never meant anything

More importantly I can see;

My legs still get a little weaker

My stomach still twists and flutters.

So all them and theirs aside,

And all that else aside,

There's still something,

Only thing ‘round here holding true

I have a love, one love I have

Evermore that one, is you.

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Tyler Skye
Tyler Skye

Writer, poet, hopeless romantic, lover of art, fashion, style, design and self expression through these things. Currently focused on going back to school. Hopefully my writing invokes inspiration and creativity, for others.

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Happy Realizations
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