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Happy as I Could Be

To Appreciate Life as Me

Drown me in a river of milk

Dip me in a pool of honey

Life only gets softer than silk

Happiness lies in tranquility and a penny

Foes become friends

Friends become family

To support me like bookends

Together we stand firmly

To find love worth dying for

Find joy in who I become

To give and love more

To live a life far from humdrum

So the fickleness does not shake me

So the hassles of life make me

So the anger never breaks me

To feel happy even when they berate me

To love me for me

To appreciate life as me

To be true to me

To be happy as I could be

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Pacho Poetry
Pacho Poetry

There is nothing more satisfying than finding joy in who we are and become. I am a glass half full and a work in progress. Poetry is my means of CATHARSIS and Music is my THERAPY#ToLoveAndBeLoved

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Happy as I Could Be
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