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Are You?

Her mind's too busy

Her heart's too tired

Her hair's so frizzy 

She's sick of getting fired

She's up and she's down, inside and out

Like a revolving door

Constantly searching inside for more

She never feels quite good enough

Looking through her eyes 

The world feels tough

Dark and dank and filled with lies

Half the time she wonders why she tries

Waiting, hoping to be happy

Whilst all the time feeling crappy 

Looking up at the big blue sky

Willing herself to be able to fly

Away from sadness

Away from emptiness

Away from pain 

She's looking for the exit, it's driving her insane 

So instead she must carry on 

She must learn to love herself

It won't be long

One day love will fill her

She will be strong

Her mind is wrong

She can make it

She is beautiful and full of wit

She will be happy!

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