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Difficult to imagine how we got here.

I had wanted us

Since I first laid eyes on you

Since we first held hands 

Since we first kissed

I had wanted us

I had wanted late nights baking cookies

Dancing in the living room 

To silly music 

A white wedding

A ring with sapphire

A family

I had wanted us

I put all of me into you

I filled you with the parts of me 

I didn't even know I had

I loved you with my all

With my heart and soul

And you left. 

So I'm drawing hands again

Empty hands with empty promises

Half of a heart, half of me

The half I wanted you to fill

To love

To take care of

And instead I was abandoned 

Like a puppy after Christmas

Or a kitten 

Or just a relationship

One no longer exciting, but hard

Difficult to imagine how we got here

All by our own hands

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