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Hallowed (A Tribute to Halloween)

A Poem from 'Shallow Graves and Ghosts'

With Halloween just around the corner, now that October is here, I thought it was a fine time to tell you all about my new poetry and short story book, Shallow Graves And Ghosts, and share a poem from it with you too! This book is full of stories about ghosts, haunted houses, zombies, vampires, Halloween, murder, and more. Some of them are even loosely based on actual events in my life. It's the perfect gift for the Halloween lover in your life, and it's available on Amazon. Keep reading after the poem to learn more about how this book came about!

Available in Print and on Kindle


Dreams of fright

Fill the night

And screams drown out happy giggles

Out come creatures, the spider wiggles

And cobwebs take over homes

While garden gnomes

Come alive in the night

Murdering pink flamingos before flight

And ghosts haunt everything

While "trick or treat," children sing

October is in the air

It's time to make a scare

But have no fear

Halloween only comes once a year.

Demons crawl from the ground

From everywhere there are eerie sounds

Cauldrons bubble and witches cast

Halloween is here at last

Some want it to stay forever

Evil want it to end, never

It's the night when bad things dwell

They find their way back up from hell

But also a time to talk to loved ones deceased

There's plenty of free candy, at least

The good ones and bad will leave at dawn

Not again drawn

Until next Halloween

To again be seen.

More About Shallow Graves and Ghosts

Sometime around 2011, I published a scary book of poetry and short stories. It was titled Dreams of Darkness. This book was mostly influenced by my love of the works of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. It was a twisted and strange book with writing that came off like automatic writing and lucid dreaming. It was very close to the stories you'd read from Lovecraft. Since then I've grown out of that style of writing, but I still loved the stories, or the backgrounds of them anyway, that I put in that book.

That's why I decided to do this new book. My other one has been out of print for a couple years and my writing style has changed a lot since those days. Over the course of the past year, I worked on some new stories and spent a good deal rewriting the stories that were in Dreams of Darkness, turning them into something more fitting to who I am as an author and a writer these days.

Some stories, like "Story Of A Haunted Girl" and "Was It Just A Dream?", are based on real-life events that happened to me. My teenage years were spent living in a haunted house. Actually, we think it was a demonic presence, more than just a ghost. “Story Of A Haunted Girl” is just a little look into what this house was really like. “Was It Just A Dream?” is about a night terror I experienced.

I've even already shared a couple other stories from this book through the Vocal Media platform. Those can be found here:

Milk Of The Gods

The Paranormal Gift

Don't worry, if you read those two stories and the poem above you'll still have plenty left to read if you grab a copy of this book. It contains a total of 28 poems and short stories. You'll find stories and poems about monsters, ghosts, Lovecraftian-style gods, haunted houses, haunted people, Halloween, vampires, death, murder, suicide, fear, nightmares, psychic abilities, and so much more. There's a little bit for everyone, if you're a fan of the occult and the macabre. 

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Hallowed (A Tribute to Halloween)
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