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Haiku for Thought

Random Haiku with and Without Meaning Made up for Different Stock Photos

Lost deep in this fog,

Your light it shines so brightly.

Leading the way home.

Photo by Vusal Ibadzade on Unsplash

Flower Blooms Tonight.

Just like the queen of the night,

our love comes to sight.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Waiting for you my love,

I can do this forever.

My heart will hold on.

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

Behind these four walls.

I forget that we are small

To you who sees all.

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

From up on this bridge,

I still recall of our love.

Where has it gone to?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In this fairyland,

I look far beyond the sky,

Where peace can be found.

Photo by Mitch Trotter on Unsplash

You, my Scottish love

please take me to the highlands.

Where I long to be.

Lead ye kings of old.

To the highlands, it shall be.

Away from the sea.

Photo by Federico Bottos on Unsplash

In the mist, she waits.

Thick snow covered mountain tops,

melts away to spring.

Photo by COSETTE KWOK on Unsplash

I long to see you.

Like the open air of spring.

Our love blooms once more. 

Beauty like new blooms.

Your looks are beyond compare

petals in spring air.

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Haiku for Thought
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