Guardian Angel of Dreams

The Hardest Message to Read

Rain closing night carrying a message

Greet the dream to come closer

Eyes being closed to open the door of the soul

Fly freely, paint a paradise never seen by the world

Stars keep smiling behind a black cloud

The sky opens the door and gives you a dark space

Without moonlight you start walking in the silence

Looking for the best side in the moment of darkness

In your dreams

You can see the beauty of the past

Those memories that make laughing images hard to erase

A thousand faces that make the ending of a story hard to write

In your dreams

You can see the longest bridge farewell

The grandest house where goodbye become the hardest word to say

The loveliest love that makes death into a shadow of immortality

In your dreams

You can feel the warmth of kindness

Friendship that makes the rainbow beautiful in the difference

Genuine affection that makes blood have a family

In your dreams

You can feel the white lies

A betrayal that makes brotherhood easy to forget

The drama stage that makes the main character die without a game

In your dreams

You can hear the promise of the future

The bright light that turns darkness into hope

White wings that make you stand up on the stairs of failure

In your dreams

The cold morning dew touched your face

You can see the guardian angel of dreams clearly

Until you wake up, with reality

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Guardian Angel of Dreams
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