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An essential process that's needed to get to the next level.

It's significant in all areas. Life, love, family, finances, creativity, spiritually, physically, and mentally. The beautiful struggle.

I stripped myself...

Of damaged hair

Toxic people


Make up

Even sex

Just so I could be raw

Be real in every follicle of my making

I indulged in my laughter

Understood my cries

Figured out my insecurities

Uncovered my quirkiness

Read more books

Wrote more life

Visualized more depth

Observed more people

And absorbed more positive criticism

I revised my behaviors...

The likelihood of me being the same person I was yesterday was obsolete

I was going to be better

I struggled for a time with why I grew the way I did

Being raised analytical always made me question myself

The day I stopped was the day I started living

Not for anyone's approval

Not for anyone's acceptance

Not even for anyone's understanding

People that walked away abandoned my sanctuary

It just simply wasn't for them

I've made peace with it because I already knew what I was destined for




And blessings

All came in some way, shape, or form

I stopped needing love from the outlets that never provided

I needed me more

I stopped needing everything to happen quickly

I needed patience

I stopping needing attention from people I thought cared

I needed understanding

I threw it up in the air and let it sprinkle down on me in prayer

A layer

And I'm covered in it

My desires, my emotions, my manifestations

They're sacred

That place of complacency never suited me

I was always evolving...


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Elayne Brown
Elayne Brown

I'm a God-fearing lover of poetry. It's a fluent language of mine. A quirky, artsy soul that sings rhapsodies. An active provider, teacher, and parent dedicated to my goals, dreams, and passions. An inspirator who loves to be inspired.

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