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What Theatre Gave to Me

Photo Credit: Mikhailovsky Theatre

I used to be in a shell.

In it, there were rules:

Don't talk, unless spoken to,

Don't be yourself, because you're pathetic,

Don't ever try to leave.

That's how I lived.

For 14 years,

That was my life.

Play the constant act

Of what society wants,

All from the comfort of my shell.

My shell brought





But then,

Theatre knocked on the door of my shell,

For once,

Something actually discovered

That there was a man in the shell.

And frankly, he wasn't doing well.

Theatre didn't ask for my GPA,

My academic record,

Or the number of friends I had.

It reached out its hand,

And offered to take me out:

To an audition.

At first, I was nervous;

I've never left the shell before.

But I looked back at my shell,

That dark, lonely hell,

And I turned to theatre,

Took its hand,

And went to The Audition.

This girl named Antigone was there,

She showed me my passion,

There were 12 Angry Jurors

Who taught me dedication,

And finally, the Moon People

Demonstrated how to be a leader.

Theatre took me to

The Merry Old Land of Oz,

Let me visit the munchkins,

And they made me their king,


Wizard of Oz.


I think back

To that shell,

Why I spent so long in it.

Being able to talk,

Be myself,

And never return to the shell

Is a blessing.

And theatre gave that to me.

Thank you,


For all that you've done,

And all you will do.


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