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Behind the Lights

You're in all white

the lights are so bright

they yell your name

it almost feels like you're playing me as part of a game

as you start to move

i feel myself swoon

how do you do what you do 

& every time it feels new

when it all dies down

there isn't as much sound

in the wings you come & find me

i hope this is how we'll always be

well of course i hope that

but this can't be more than a fad

you're moving up so fast

deep down i know we can't last

it's been 5 months now

you still want me somehow

but i can feel you fading

we're not even really dating

this is the last time i'll see you onstage

i won't act like it has something to do with age

you told me that you're moving on

i'll never be strong enough to listen to your song

now i'll watch you from the crowd 

& i won't scream as loud

i actually won't scream at all 

i won't even try to call

but i'll still feel the same way 

day after day after day 

i'll wait until the lights dim

i'll never get over him

i'll just be a groupie

nothing more than i should be 

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