Being with her was like walking barefoot on a gravel road. The rocks and bumps poke the bottom of my feet and lead me to walk carefully and lightly with every step. Doing my best to avoid the bigger bumps, bearing the pain of the smaller ones. But then, I found the sidewalk. I thought, this will be better, softer, flatter, more stable. I was able to walk normally, but only for a short time before the cracks began to trip me up, and the hot concrete began to burn. Then I started to walk quicker, in hopes that the faster my steps the less it would burn. But instead i was left with burns and scrapes on my feet from running on the concrete. I thought to myself, will i ever find something sturdy to plant myself on? Will i ever find my ground? And then the sidewalk ended, the road was a dead end, and all that was left was grass, wet with dew. I stepped into it, and the grass healed all the pain the road and sidewalk had caused. The soft blades of green grass gave my feet a thousand kisses. The dew eased the burns and cleaned the scrapes. And I'd found my ground.

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