Joshua Lino-da Costa
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Grandma's House

For you to feel as you feel right

I remember a time where the grass grew straight

Where the flowers grew up

Behind the bright white gate.

I remember the time where the pond burst to life

Where the fountain gave calmly

Under the golden sunlight.

I remember the time when the sprinklers flowed round

Where the trees grew strong

And life burst from the ground.

I remember the time where fruit grew sweet

Where the dogs would bark

And the birds would tweet.

I remember the time, in the grounds we would play

Where the family smiled together

Under the golden light of day.

What I would not give to go back to those days

But time has passed us

In an inglorious haze

So for now the memories are what I shall keep dear

From the times I remember

I can keep so near.

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Grandma's House
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