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I'll be with you forever.

Wrapped up in the thought of you, I spiral to feel your embrace. Everlasting is your scent I miss. I wish to reach your face. 

Warming myself in the glow of your soul, I remember when you were alive how I felt... safe and whole. You were my grandmother. The spark to my fire. The reason I know heartfelt desire. 

The day you left I knew you were tired, torn, ready to meet the man you loved... mourned. 

I mourn you, as you lift to him. 

I love you, as you leave me. 

I hear you say, "Life isn't easy, so love with all you have. Never give up, you'll never know how much time you had. Now be gone with the burden you carry, I'll be with you forever. I live on in your heart which I know means... forever."

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Emily Peacock
Emily Peacock

Im Emily. 

I am 26 years old, LGBTQ+ ally ~ so is my wife. 

I am here to share my poetry, pieces of me in the written form. 

Please enjoy!

"If we feed our past it indebts our future."

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