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Grab Back.

Respect existence, or expect resistance.

We, the people of the United States

Denying people from war-torn states

In a state of mind of panic and fear

Don't know where to go in this unclear atmosphere

A mother and child on a plane of hope

A peaceful life is now in scope

Only to arrive at JFK, to a bigoted ban blocking their way

To the nation built on immigration

The white men came without an invitation

So why can't they, no, why can't we,

Be in the place we want to be,

A place with job opportunity,

new life, new shelter, and food to eat

Oh please Mr. President, don't repeat these dark parts of our history


2017, we marched the streets

Women, mothers, daughters, teens

In a bigger flock than we'd ever seen

Ready to walk, to stomp their feet

And Grab Back at systematic defeat

Grab Back at problematic elites

Grab Back, this attack cannot be complete

August 2017, KKK up in the streets

Chants and slurs and Nazi terms

And racist symbols every turn

White hoods to hide your evil side

Regress to Lee to stick behind

When progress makes you petrified

We're Fighting for for what's right

Fighting for our rights 

Fighting against the extreme unaccepting right

Oh please, Mr.45, why must we continue to divide?

Our country has a stain that will not disappear

Just because it makes you uncomfortable to hear

About the sweat, and the blood, and the losses, and the tears

That have come from this stain over 300 years

Cannot be forgotten, cannot be locked behind a door,

For this stain did not fade away with a law from '64

And if there's anything we've learned from revolutionary lore

It is that we cannot stay silent anymore.

We need a lifeline not a headline,

Social reform, not a tweet storm

Oh please America, rise up and speak

In this reality show made reality


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“Authors are a natural and irresistible aristocracy in every society, and, more than kings or emperors, exert an influence on mankind.”

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Grab Back.
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