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You're not allowed to say 'goodbye,'

After all this time

You're ignoring me.

I know you can hear me

You've responded before,

But you've closed the door

In my face.

I expected this sooner

But you gave me a chance

And tore it away

Before I could take

That chance

What did I do

to make you say

That word you've always

Refused to say

I said I was sorry

I said I miss you

I said I'll see you again.

Yet for once you listened,

For once you responded

Was all you could say,


Dean Moyer
Dean Moyer

Hello all! I am a 20-year-old college student and writer. I live in Oregon and so far have only posted Poetry here, though I do write fiction stories of varying lengths. Hope you enjoy what you read, and thanks for the support. 

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