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Poem for Drunk Driving

Walking in the night

Heading on home

Only the moonlight

While I roam

A car coming down the street

The man drinking

And bottles at his feet

This is where we'll be meeting

Almost there

It's too late

On the ground is where

I meet my mate

Death is my penalty

Life is his maker

I'm already gone mentally

He was my breaker

Sirens in the distant

Family all around

Paramedics are my assistant

In the ambulance they mound

One last breath

Too much blood gone

Nothing left, no health

Everything done

Cries echoing in the sky

Tears fill the eyes

All that's left is a sigh

And I die

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Kari Hammond
Kari Hammond

So, what I have up currently is some old pieces of stuff I did a few years ago. Trying to slowly move back into writing and am super grateful to all those who read.

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