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Good Game, John

A Poem

All the games you've been playin', that's how you learned to play me so well.

Stuck in your video game world, you forgot I was real.

Already cracked from the first guy, your lies finished the job.

And somehow you convinced me it was for my own good.

But why did you play this game if you knew you didn't want to play with me?

I made myself look like a fool, said things I didn't mean because I was hurting and confused.

But I leveled up and learned I don't need to change myself.

And in the end... I won this game.

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Derek Evers
Derek Evers

Hello! Just a gay nerd who wants to write about whatever he wants; hopefully I'll inspire some people along the way. :) I also have a YouTube channel you should check out if you like my writing! 

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Good Game, John
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