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Golden Heart


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to hate someone ,

Think of only the negative they have done ,

It's so much easier to villainize ,

To criminalize,

What we don't know ,

Hatred is a well dressed foe ,

It puts on a suit to dress up its lies everywhere it may go ,

Love is beautiful ,

But also uncomfortable,

Love is vulnerable ,

Everything on display ,

Love breaks down the walls in our way

Of all the emotions you could feel ,

Loss of love is the hardest to heal ,

I love unapologetically ,

Cut my heart out unregretfully ,

And place my broken pieces where something was before,

I fill in the your gaps so maybe you won't have to hurt anymore ,

To care too much is both my greatest weakness and my greatest strength,

I am a broken person falling apart,

stitched together with good intentions and a golden bleeding heart ,

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Golden Heart
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