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Golden Clock with Golden Time

A Miracle

Golden Clock With Golden Time

Dreaming of a golden Clock,

With a golden vision,

And with an Evergreen mission,

With a pendulum of tweeting golden bird,

Giving many hours of Success,

And many more minutes of Peace,

Only few seconds of Failure,

With golden evergreen music of Positivity,

And an appearance of a fairy,

Bringing true everyone's dreams and desires,

Bringing a new shine on sparkling Kohinoor,

Bringing love in life of those who are living in despair,

Bringing hope in life of those that have forgotten to breathe,

Bringing an Evergreen time of peace,love,happiness,bright smiles, integrity,

Making life a dance on every chance💃⛹️🏆

Bird of Dreams

Golden Bird

A Stich in Time Saves Nine,

Make hay while the sun Shines,

Play a rythm divine,

No more tears 😱 all will be fine 😀

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Golden Clock with Golden Time
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