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A Poem

You were gold-plated

Right into my mind, you tore

And like a fish I was baited

With the mask you so proudly wore

You gave me so much, yet so little

All I wanted was more

But I couldn’t solve any of your riddles

So I waited outside of your doors

You were gold-plated

So rich, yet so poor.

A new person you created

Just to pick her apart at her core

You seemed to be so kind

Something I never saw before

But then you left me blind

With no eyes, while you had four

You were gold-plated

That you wouldn’t hurt me, you swore

The life you lived was outdated

I couldn't win your war

Your hearts, you were counting,

While I was collapsed on the floor.

Everyday I continued drowning

While you relaxed by the shore

You were gold-plated

Like a gun at a candy store.

The way you looked at me, I hated

What’s mine, isn’t always yours.

And now, in a crowded room,

I don’t look for you anymore.

Because a flower can’t bloom,

If you lock it up in your drawer.

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