God Damn

Sweet Little Nothings

You can’t make someone fuck with you

You can’t make someone give a damn

What you can do is gather the mess and throw it in the trash can

You can stand up and say “this is who I am”

I’m human I make mistakes

But god damn if I’m not great

God damn if I’ll feel hate

God damn, god damn

You can’t make them care

You can’t physically make them be there

Don’t live your life in fear, don’t hide under that shell

After a while it’ll crack and people will say you’re not well

But you are

It’s those scars that pave the way

Those cracks that make room for the sunshine to peak in every day

God damn, god damn 

Zanna Truesdale
Zanna Truesdale

I’m a new mom and i love every minute of it. I’ve been writing since i could pick up a pen and just getting my feet wet again after a few years hiatus. I’m not as open with what i write as i was growing up. So finding this site was perfect!

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God Damn