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Glass Heart


I was born with a glass heart

That breaks every morning

When I think of you.

When I think of the dark surrounding

You, and your eyes staring back at


Brightly and kindly.

But your back turns away from me

And every time, I see you run away

And dig your grave in the city

With no heart, no beating heart,

Just lights, and people drowning

In the parts

where the light doesn't hit,

so they'll die quietly and without

A witness.

I was born with a glass heart

That breaks every morning

Because I want to be your witness,

I want to behold the way you melt

Into the dark, I want to see

The fire hold you, I want to watch

The skin burn from your bones,

Quietly, you'll suffer, but alone

Is not something you will be.

I know it's too late,

I've seen those eyes turn away one

Too many times from me,

I've seen the darkness eat you

From the inside


I've seen the fire whisper and tell you

Of paradise, I've seen the fire

Coax you into paradise,

And I will see that same paradise

As your burial ground,

I will see that fire turn to ash,

Job finished,

And watch you disappear from me

One last time.


because I was born with a glass heart

That breaks every morning

When I think of you.

But my heart comes back together

As every second of the day goes by.

"I'll forget him today," it says,

Proud to be whole, proud to be one

Piece again.

And I'll sleep in silence, dream in ignorance,

And when I wake,

My insides will bleed from the pieces

Of a glass heart that remembered you

At night,

Remembered you in your holy place,

The place where the devil hides. 

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Glass Heart
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