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Give Me a Mask

A Poem

I wanna know the truth

so take your mask off

I reckon you would choke

you are no longer used

you could catch back your soul

you could feel nude

and l can see the baby

that l want to nurture

you had to leave it out of home

it suited you of course

you had an aura of a prince, mine

you did not need to play a role

but you became the mask

and the masquerade too

the character who got fame 

and me in the shade, digging roots

I did not need a clue, I wanted you

tangled in the spider web I crashed into

shredding it out, giving it pure fuel

our demons meet and go

becouse my mask is lost

you had your soul behind

mine was on top



rock stone, in a throne

a lore that was already made a song

but I left a spark of me indeed

not to love but to fear

because I saw the beauty

of a child playing naughty

of a powerful man, now sorry

and you dismissed

the miss that you kissed

and you only saw the  sharp

of a girl needing a dad

while I had the time to adjust

to work it out and push

and become a psycopath

to survive my broken heart

because, you cannot word

the beauty I lost

I forgave long ago

and refuse to forget the most

since l can still reproduce

my mask, steal

made for what we costed

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Give Me a Mask
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